Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture


Message from the Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Güzin Kaya

Prof. Güzin Kaya
Head of Department

The main purpose of our higher education institution is to educate qualified and equipped personnel needed by today. In the light of this information, our university has adopted the principle of integration in a short time with the changes and developments in architecture. he also examines the changes in the architectural field.

Our university has the idea of ​​carrying out higher education-oriented education in a practical manner and cooperates with many solution partners for each department it has opened. The relevant institutions can be useful in the practical processing of these department courses in our university, which operates with the idea of ​​practical training. On the other hand, this solution partner will have great advantages in voluntary internship and compulsory summer practice.

In order to ensure that the internship and employment issues of the students who will continue their education in the department are solved in a fast and sustainable manner, our university is in contact with important representatives in the sector. In this regard, the training courses in order to ensure that the application courses in the said department proceed with the support of the sector representatives. This cooperation provides a significant advantage to department students.

The architectural profession, which is one of the most important components of the construction sector, incorporates many fields of knowledge. Sustainable and ecological design, structural elements and materials, history of architecture and restoration, urban planning and design, interior design, landscaping, construction techniques, informatics, philosophy, art, etc. are among the fields of architecture. The areas where the architects work are not limited to them but are spread over a wide range.

Architects; As a designer and implementer, they can work both in offices and on construction sites in buildings and urban scale projects; building supervision, design, production and marketing of materials, preparation of laws and regulations related to the profession, publishing of organizations, exhibitions etc. in the relevant fields are the areas where people who have received architectural education can take part. Public sector, private sector, companies and banks, freelance architecture offices, institutions and companies related to the construction sector, and related broadcasting institutions are the areas where the architectural practice is performed intensively during the vocational training. In addition, graduates can open their own offices and work as freelance architects or academicians as well.

Graduates can be employed in the offices of central and local government institutions, universities and banks, as academicians: in universities, in paid or free status: in architectural offices.

In the working areas of architects:

  • Design and planning
  • Protection and renewal
  • consultancy
  • Participation organization
  • Executing the planning process
  • Application control, organization and execution of construction site
  • There will be employment opportunities, including documentation and communication.
  • In addition, because of the intellectual, artistic and technical dimensions of education, architects may be successful in different areas.

The rate of utilization of architectural services in our society is very low. The need to improve the quality of life due to economic and social development and transformations will increase the demand for quality and original space organization. This trend will provide employment growth.

The fact that the construction of new buildings in the sector will be allowed and infrastructure investments will be completed in such a way that many new structuring will be made within the scope of urban transformation will create an important labor demand in the construction sector. This will be an important source of employment for the graduates of the department of architecture.