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Prof. Dr. Güzin Kaya

Prof. Güzin KAYA, 

The education period at Istinye University Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture is four years. The language of instruction in the departments is Turkish. In our faculty, there are two departments which have education and teaching activities as Architecture and Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. The main aim of our seminar is to educate qualified and equipped personnel needed by today. As part of the faculty and faculty, students will be encouraged to become a strong designer in their fields by developing creativity, teaching creativity, aesthetics, using modern technology and functional production principles. In the light of this information, our faculty, which adopts the principle of integration in a short time with the changes and developments in architecture. He is also closely following the changes in the fields of architecture, interior architecture and environmental design. Our faculty has the idea of ​​carrying out education in a practical way and cooperates with a number of solution partners for the departments.