Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

About the Department

Interior architecture refers to the process of designing spaces where people live and work, considering aesthetic, functional, and emotional aspects. In this context, interior architecture goes beyond being a mere decorative element, becoming a discipline that influences people's daily lives and enhances their well-being. 

The Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department provides students with an education that enables them to transform living spaces by combining creativity and functionality. This discipline aims to optimize interior spaces by synthesizing architectural aesthetics with engineering principles, considering environmental factors to create balanced, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments. Students develop themselves in shaping future spaces by understanding design processes, integrating modern technology and sustainability principles. 

The program emphasizes the importance of environmental factors alongside architectural design, fostering the ability to produce sustainable and human-centered solutions. Located within the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture, the Interior Architecture and Environmental Design program aims to equip graduates with the ability to effectively utilize creativity and technology while fostering collaboration with other professional fields. Through a coordinated educational program with the Department of Architecture, students are exposed to a broad perspective, encouraged to create effective designs in diverse cultural and geographical contexts. Graduates specialize in creating spaces that are suitable for human needs, aesthetically rich, and sustainable by integrating architectural and environmental factors. The program aims to provide students with both academic knowledge and practical experience, preparing them to be successful professionals in the industry.