Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture

Digital Game Design

About the Department

Digital gaming technologies are important for the education and training of both K12 schools and departments for medicine, business and radio, television and cinema and entertainment. The interdisciplinary nature of digital game design has led to more creative approaches to teaching and learning formal or informal learning content. The use of digital games has become widespread in museums, homes, classrooms, schools and workplaces for the purpose of disseminating information and giving instructions.

Changes in digital gaming technologies have reshaped our ways of producing, evaluating, expressing ourselves, thinking rationally and learning something new. The skills required for the design, development and other work of these games are: Instructional design, coding, web and application development, project management, user experience (UX) design, illustration, 3D modeling and animation.

The Department of Digital Game Design at Istinye University will help students prepare for a career in game development for the advertising world, education and entertainment industry, as well as the skills they need to design games in different areas. The courses that will be given in the department will provide a solid foundation in all aspects of digital game design, both theoretical and practical. Digital game development requires an in-depth knowledge of the program and requires expertise in the field. Our Research Assistants and Teachers in the Department of Software Engineering will work closely with the Department of Digital Game Design to create a course program to teach the programming skills that can be applied in game design.