The Faculty

Istinye University Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture consists of four departments: Architecture (two programs in English and Turkish), Interior and Environmental Design (Turkish), Digital Game Design (Turkish) and Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (Turkish). All these departments are intended to train students to have vocational competence through a theoretical basis. The main educational objective is to give students a consciousness of social responsibility. The second aim is to provide students with an intellectual background. In the constantly changing World of today, where new technologies, demands, expectations and tastes are ceaselessly emerging, designers have to gain an interdisciplinary and flexible state of mind in order to be able to cope with the unpredictable transformations of the age.

Dean’s Message

Prof. Dr. Uğur Tanyeli

Prof. A. Uğur Tanyeli

The Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture is organized on two interrelated academic principles, the first of which is the inseparable totality of the varying disciplines of design. The other institutional aim of the school is, instead of providing basic vocational training, to train future practitioners with an intellectual and theoretical foundation that they will base their professional lives upon in the long run as young creative designers. In a world where techniques and means are continuosly changing and pluralizing, it is obvious that traditional academic attitudes intending to transmit stabile and limited repertories of information are simply outdated.