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* Memduh Can Tanyeli

* Memduh Can Tanyeli,  Lecturer

Faculty Member

M. Can Tanyeli is an architect and a videographer from Istanbul, Turkey. He has been professionally working on the interdisciplinary interactions of architecture and visual arts since 2010. His works have been featured in multiple exhibitions and biennials both in Turkey and abroad, including La Biennale di Venezia, multiple editions of Istanbul Design Biennial and Lincoln Road 1111 in Miami. Alongside being one of the founding partners of visual documentation and production studio Sarraf | Galeyan | Mekanik, he has taught and is still currently teaching basic design, representation techniques, visual production and digital motion picture creation classes as an adjunct lecturer at fine arts, architecture and design faculties of various universities in Istanbul.

Research Areas: Architectural Design, Görsel İletişim Tasarımı, Görsel Kültür, Digital Game, Game Art, Popular Cinema, Sinema ve Dijital Oyunda Ortak Anlatım Biçimleri