Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture


The Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture is organized on two interrelated basic academic ideas: First, the faculty is based on the inseparable totality of the varying disciplines of design. Secondly, the aim of this institution is not to give a simple vocational education to the designer candidates, but to create an intellectual ground on which they will be positioned to design.

It is obvious that traditional learning methods based on the transfer of fixed information are not valid in the current world where techniques and opportunities are multiplied and expanded indefinitely. On the other hand, it has become an inevitable necessity to develop interdisciplinary approaches in the contemporary environment that is becoming increasingly complex and professional boundaries are blurred. Therefore, our curricula have been shaped with the belief that disciplines, which at first glance may be thought to have irreconcilable differences, create and support each other under a general design framework. For the same reason, the Faculty's goal is to cross boundaries both between design practices and within each design field. This means that theoretical discussions are given an important place, although to varying degrees in all fields. In the current environment, all economic sectors related to design are experiencing the same crossovers. It is envisaged that designer candidates should develop mental flexibility starting from their student life in order to exist and work in the new fluid and variable environment. From the macro scale of the city and architecture to the micro scale of virtual space design, our primary goal is to teach thinking and aesthetic sensitivity.