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Architecture and Design education opens the doors of a new world to its students. In this world, we are interested in utopias and manifestos as well as all the formations, experiences, events, and realizations related to the socio-cultural, technological and artistic past of humanity. Design, which is the only competitive tool of our time, is made under the control of a brain that is curious, suspicious, excited and able to establish relationships. For this reason, the basis of our understanding of education is to ensure that the student "becomes an intellectual person and an architect".

For this reason, architecture-design education can be completed successfully if the appropriate science score is obtained. Because architectural design and life in general, just like mathematics, should be considered as a process of intellectual energy reflections from the fine and elegant productions of the human brain.

The results of architecture directly affect nature and society. Therefore, architecture is one of the three professions that the European Union gives importance and priority, along with medicine and law.

In architectural education, the student actively produces and presents ideas. Istinye University Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Architecture has aimed to realize an understanding that accepts the student as a partner of education, rather than a guild-like or Bauhaus-inherited master-apprentice education approach. In our institution, it is essential to educate our students as ethical individuals who can produce the special knowledge required for every architecture-design work that will affect the society and nature, not repeating the loaded information. In summary, we see architectural education as an "intellectual education field" beyond being a vocational education.

Our faculty is also aware of the potential of Anatolian and Istanbul's architectural, cultural, geographical and technological heritage and values in architectural education and uses these advantages effectively in its education.