Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture

Transformations of Random Traces Online Workshop

You are invited to our online workshop, Transformations of Random Traces. Our event, which will be held with the esteemed illustration artist Sevgi Mülayim, will be held on 18.05.2021 at 17.00. You can access the event by clicking here. Meeting ID: 917 1199


Sevgi Mülayim,

She graduated from Hacettepe University Fine Arts Sculpture Department in 2009. In this process, she took part in many exhibitions and events. She worked as a visual arts instructor until 2013. She settled in Rome in 2013 and studied cinema and sculpture. She returned to Turkey in 2016 to continue his profession, entered the world of digital illustration and started illustrating children's books. Over time, she made everything his own material. From the stains, clouds, a broken wall, etc. began to characterize. The artist, who is still an illustrator of children's books, also uses the characters that come out of these shapes in the books she illustrates.